Friday, October 5, 2012


One Way

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One smile of joy
One touch of care
One hand to hold
and one passionate embrace...
can make a lover's day.

One instant of misunderstanding
One hint of a lie
One moment of suffocation
and one level of expectation...
can make you throw it all away.

One puff of smoke
One peg of scotch
One mindless night
and one new face...
can be an easy way.

One look of hope
One tear drop of sorrow
One kiss of love
and one thought of you...
can make me stay.
It has to be this One and only Way.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


In The Shadows...

After some time Katherine didn't even feel any pity. All she had were dark emotions. 
He wasn’t fair to her. Now the aura of hatred was all around her, just that and nothing else.
Yes it was passion, but it was dark.
Her heart knew that he meant something to her.
But her mind said that she meant nothing to him.
The constant fight between her heart and her mind left her exhausted.

She lay there in the dark watching the shadows.
They have a world of their own, where there is nothing except shadows.
Everything is dark. Everything is black.
There’s no one to judge. There’s nothing to judge.
The sorrow is black. The joy is black too.
Ugliness is black. The beauty is black too.

May be that’s the world they belonged to now.
Because there was no black and white here, it was just black.
The only place where her heart and mind were not at conflict…
Because like him, she was dark too.